In this carefully crafted book by Talor Stewart, Architect, you'll discover in the very first chapter:

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The Value of Conscious Home Design

You already pay attention to your fitness, nutrition, and sleep habits, and having positive, harmonious relationships is a deeply meaningful part of life for you too. When you place the essential aspects of life within the context of a consciously designed home, it becomes easier to achieve your hopes, dreams, and bright ambitions. 

When a home supports a healthy lifestyle, it makes it easier to stay consistent in your good habits. If a home is poorly designed, multiple friction points will hinder your best intentions. The design of your home is the foundation that can make or break the success of all these other efforts. 

By making little shifts to enhance flow and remove friction points throughout the home, Conscious Home Design puts the art and science of living architecture to work for you and serve your family night and day, year after year...

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What People Are Saying

“These ideas are sticky! After reading Conscious Home Design I find myself looking around my home and even my office at work trying to see how I can make them more "conscious" and supportive.”

Amy Venman

Tocc'a Te Health Counseling


Talor is a true thought leader, his design approach is revolutionary. The ideas contained in the Conscious Home Design book will shape and serve humanity for generations.

Autumn Barnett

Psychotherapist, MSW

A thoughtful and well written book that hits all the points regarding building and living a conscious life. Conscious Home Design is a great execution of a very worthy idea!

Sangita Santhanam

Architect AIA

Samad Saifudin

The entrepreneur that would rather work from home

Talor Stewart is an award-winning architect and the author of Conscious Home Design. Over the past 20 years, he has developed the Conscious Home Design philosophy and system. In the book, he illustrates the principles in easy-to-understand ideas anyone can use to increase the flow, ease, and grace of their home. Talor has helped clients live a richer and fuller lifestyle by using design to support good health, positive relationships, and personal feelings of meaning, connection, and value.

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Conscious Home Design is a thought-provoking book that gives inspiration on aspects of your home that you just wouldn't think of. This is a highly recommended book - it's something to keep on your shelf and take away something new every time you read it. 

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Conscious Home Design

"Whether you own, rent, or have a brand new home custom designed for you, this easy-to-read book will help make the place you call home more comfortable, more beautiful, more conscious."









Living Room

Conscious Home Design principles apply to these areas of the home to enhance ease of use and quality of living:

  • The 5 BEST Plants to have in your home for optimal air quality

  • What the Sunny Window Effect is, and how to use it to support your lifestyle goals and maintain healthy habits

  • Why making little 2% shifts can yield big results that benefit work-life balance, reduce stress, even help you boost nutrition levels and get better sleep

  • How anyone can use Conscious Home Design to Create a foundation for living their best life to design for happiness, health and relationship success

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